United States Government Funded Millennium Challenge Account-Zambia Awards US$3 million

IMG_4747Lusaka, Zambia—Today, February 24, 2017, the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia Limited (MCA-Zambia) celebrated the signing of contracts with nine private sector organisations who have been awarded grants worth about US$3 million to implement various innovative projects in water supply, sanitation and drainage that are aimed at improving lives of beneficiary communities.
The Innovation Grants awards that have been signed today are part of the US$355 million Lusaka Water Supply Sanitation and Drainage project, funded by the United States government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation. The project is being implemented by MCA-Zambia. Six contractors are at currently at various stages of construction and expansion of infrastructure in water supply, sanitation and drainage, which once completed will benefit residents in many parts of Lusaka. The grant recipients will carry out projects to complement the infrastructure.
MCA-Zambia Board Chairperson and Zambia’s Secretary to the Treasury Mr. Fredson Yamba said at the signing ceremony, “The signing of these grants will help reduce poverty in the communities where they will be implemented through the opportunities for income generation that will be created.”
Visiting Vice President for Compact Operations, at Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Ms. Kyeh Kim noted that the Innovation Grant Program complemented MCC’s investments in large scale infrastructure by supporting innovative community based and private sector initiatives that are testing different models of water and sanitation access, improving hygiene and supporting better solid waste management.
Recipients of grants for the second cycle of awards include Afya Muzuri (US$97,000), Alliance for Sustainable Development (US$97,500), GP& J (US$99,900), Keepers Zambia Foundation (US$68,800). Others are L& N Matrix (US$100,000), MECB Consulting (US$1.1 million), Newtech Recycling (US$96,800), People’s Process on Housing and Poverty in Zambia (US$1 million) and Water and Sanitation Association of Zambian (WASAZA) (US$288,000).
And speaking on behalf of the grantees, GP&J Managing Director, George Mwamba, whose firm has received a grant of about US$100,000 for solid waste management said the different projects to be implemented by the different organisations across the city would collectively improve lives of several communities in Lusaka.
The Millennium Challenge Compact is investing in water supply, sanitation, and drainage infrastructure with the goal of decreasing the incidence and prevalence of water-related diseases, productive days lost due to disease and time to collect water, cost of water and new sanitation, and business and residential flood losses. Overall, the sub-projects are aimed at reducing poverty and promoting economic growth. Over 1.2 million people in Lusaka are expected to directly benefit from the project.
For more information, please contact the following:
Dr. John Kunda
Communications and Outreach Director
Millennium Challenge Account – Zambia
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Tel: +260 (0) 211- +260(211)-256004/71 Ext: 112 Cell: +26-0979765025
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