Afya Mzuri Hands Over Sanitation Facilities

On December 11, 2018,  Afya Mzuri, the MCA-Zambia Innovation Grant recipient officially handed over a block of toilets and showers at Mtendere and Kazimai Market. The Ceremony was officiated by Minister of Education and Munali Constituency MP Hon. Nkandu Luo and MCC Deputy Resident Country Director Ms. Gigi Goodhart.

The handover ceremony was held in Mtendere Market and was attended by marketeers, Mtendere Ward 30 Councillor Watson Mtonga, and Afya Mzuri Executive Director Mr. Mutale Bowa among others.

Afya Mzuri is a Zambian non-governmental health organization implementing behaviour change, community empowerment and knowledge management programs. Its activities contribute to the national health response through empowering people and communities to adopt healthy behaviours.

Afya Mzuri has implemented a sanitation project aimed at promoting sustainable menstrual hygiene management and sanitation for market women in Mtendere and Kazimai Markets, with support from Millennium Challenge-Zambia (MCA-Z) through a grant. Afya Mzuri has constructed two sanitation facilities in the two markets.

The holding facilities contain showers, toilets and change rooms to support the management of menstrual hygiene for market women. Each facility is fitted with water reserve tank to ensure continued water supply to the facilities. The completed facilities have since handed over to Afya Mzuri and currently in use by the Mtendere communities.