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MCA Zambia Legal & Other Policy Documents

1. The Millennium Challenge Compact Act, 2013, Program Implementation Agreement

2. Certificate of incorporation & Articles -MCA-Zambia

3. Zambia-Compact-Agreement


3.MCA-Zambia Bid Challenge System

Social and Gender Assessment 

4. Social and Gender Integration Plan

Environment and Social Performance 

5. MCA Zambia ESCE Policy

Monitoring and Evaluation & Economics

6. MCA-Zambia M&E Plan


MCA-Zambia Sector Reports 

Marketing Symposium Presentations-South Africa 

Marketing Symposiums South Africa


Marketing Symposium for Marketing Institutions Held on 12th December 2014


Programme Manager Pre-Proposal Symposium Presentations 06-01-2015

MCAZ Program Manager Pre-Prop Conference Jan 2015

MCAZ_PM Procurement Presentation 06_01_2015



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