Mazyopa Drainage Project (CP 10)

CP 10 Signing Ceremony

Signing Ceremony

The Millennium Challenge Account Zambia Limited (MCA-Zambia) engaged Construções Gabriel A.S. Couto, SA to construct and rehabilitate over 2.6 kilometers of drainage in Mazyopa settlement at a cost of US$17.2 million.  The signing ceremony was held on September 17 2015, at MCA-Zambia offices. The drain is being constructed to avert flooding downstream which is expected to increase as a result of the rehabilitation of the Bombay Drain. The Bombay drain is expected to have increased storm water flow downstream thereby reducing flooding in the city and affected areas.

However, the increased volume of water has the potential of increasing flooding for the residents of Mazyopa, as the Mazyopa area is located downstream.  The Mazyopa drain was therefore designed in such a way that storm water will be drained into the Ngwerere River thereby safeguarding the lives and property of the community of Mazyopa.

The Works

The rehabilitation and construction of the Bombay drain stretching from the southern part of the city (Kamwala, Chilenje, Libala) through the Central Business District and ending up just after the Kasangula Road bridge at the Trash Trap will result in serious downstream flooding that would negatively affect residents of Mazyopa Compound. This is the reason for the birth of the Mazyopa drain sub-project.

IMG_9968Mazyopa is a natural stream into which storm water from the Bombay Drainage system discharges. It starts from the discharge point of the proposed trash trap for the Bombay, an open space with vegetation on both sides. It has an approximate length of 2,600 metres.

At a distance of about 600m from Trash Trap No. 1, the drain is joined by inflow from the Luangwa and City Airport catchments.

The drain then meanders for about 740m along an area of informal houses on the western bank where the Mazyopa south settlement is situated.IMG_9522

After meandering for 740m, there is a walled private plot with a frontage length of about 140m on the western bank. Immediately downstream of the northern boundary wall, there is a pipe bridge which is also used as a pedestrian crossing.

At about 1,130m downstream of the confluence there is an abandoned weir and consequently a waterfall downstream of the northern boundary wall.

At a distance of about 1,100m downstream of the weir, the drain is traversed by a recently constructed 27m suspension footbridge.

The last section of the drain is about 270m further downstream with few housing units, gardens, and sparsely populated by natural vegetation.

Downstream of the point where the Chipata drain enters the Ngwerere is the proposed location of Trash Trap No. 2 and the energy dissipating structure.

CP10 Site Visit and Pre-bid Meeting 



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  • January 16, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    On behalf of chaisa south sda church, we kindly asking your office for special consideration for a quick payment because we’re already holding somebody whose plot we want to buy because we hire marked for evication as result of project. Your assistance will be highly appropriated because if we loose it we Will have a problem in Lusaka to have one.

    • January 19, 2016 at 1:05 pm

      Dear Mr. Mwelwa, kindly be informed that your matter is currently under the payment process.

      For any further clarification, please feel free to come to our offices on Twikatane Road, off Addis Ababa Drive in Rhodespark.

      Best Regards


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