Contract Packages 7 & 8 – Bombay Drainage Works

Drainage works at Evelyn Hone College.

Works on the Bombay drainage (also known as the Ngwerere) are progressing well. The contractor CMC Di Ravenna is working on a section in Evelyn Hone College, and in Garden Compound among other sections of the drainage.

CMC Di Ravenna was engaged on August 20, 2015, to construct and rehabilitate over 28 kilometres of backbone drainage in the city of Lusaka at a cost of US$35 million.

Drainage works in Garden Compound

This followed many months of background preparatory work, at the end of which Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCA-Zambia) was finally ready to begin the real work of improving the Bombay drainage for the city of Lusaka.

For the most part, what is known as the Bombay drain is mostly a natural drain flowing across the city, south to north, but because it is mostly natural or with limited concrete lining, it is unable to efficiently collect storm water, leading to frequent flooding and stagnant waters in many parts of the city.

CP7 & 8 Signing Ceremony

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